Working with other people? Struggling to

keep everyone on the same page?

It’s time to try the Basecamp way.

Rallying people around a project and keeping everyone on the same page is already tough enough. And it’s easy to make it harder than it needs to be.

Using multiple products, chatting constantly, or sending a bunch of emails around makes things more complicated. What’s official? How do I see it all? Where’s the right place to share something? It’s a hot mess.

Come over to the Basecamp way and you’ll have everything you need neatly organized in one place. It’s a calmer, more peaceful way to work.

For 12 years and running, over 100,000 companies have adopted the Basecamp way of working. Not just tried, but signed up, said “ah-ha!”, and never looked back. There’s nothing else like Basecamp.

Basecamp is used by the best organizations across every industry


A place to work + a way to work

A Basecamp is a private, secure space online where people working together can organize and discuss everything they need to get a project done. See it, track it, discuss it, act on it. Tasks, discussions, deadlines, and files – everything’s predictably organized in Basecamp.

Every time a new project or initiative comes up, spin up a new Basecamp in your account, name it (“Q3 Marketing Pitches”), invite the people involved, and keep everything related to that project neatly organized inside that Basecamp.

Now everyone knows where everything is, they know what they need to do, and nothing slips through the cracks. Basecamp even works over email – people who prefer email can simply reply to discussions via any email app without ever having to log into Basecamp.

How does it work? Why does it work?

Basecamp 3 and the unique mix of six

We’ve been studying highly productive groups for 16 years. We’ve discovered there are six core things every group needs to do their best work together. Basecamp 3 is the only product specifically designed around this bundle of six tools and methods. And they are…

  1. Message boards and comment threads. Basecamp’s threads keep discussions on-topic and in-context so the whole story stays together in a way that’s easy to follow and reference for the record later. You can comment directly on anything in Basecamp. Comments are designed in a way that people can respond over time as their busy schedules permit.
  2. Real-time chat/pings. Basecamp’s real-time Campfire chats and Pings let you hash something out quickly, show work and get fast feedback, or just ask a question out loud when you don’t know who to ask.
  3. Automatic check-ins. Basecamp’s automatic check-ins surface what’s on people’s minds, what they’ve been working on, and what they plan on doing next. And it happens automatically on a recurring daily/weekly schedule so you don’t have to personally nag anyone for answers.
  4. To-do lists. Basecamp’s to-do lists let you organize and divvy up work to be done. To-do lists let you break down big chunks of work into easily digestable small lists that are simpler to attack, track, and complete.
  5. Docs & file storage. Basecamp’s docs & files section lets you visually organize PDFs, Google Docs, images, or other files into folders so everyone on your team can find what they need on their own without having to ask anyone.
  6. A centralized schedule. Basecamp’s schedule keeps track of all major milestones, deadlines, upcoming events, and to-dos with due dates. Dates are clearly posted so everyone can find out what’s due when. You can add Basecamp’s schedule to your Google, iCal, or Outlook calendar.

Hungry for more? See the full feature list.

A few final words + thank you

A note from our founder

Dear you,

If you’re in charge of running a team, you’ve got a big responsibility. It isn’t easy. We know what you’re up against. We built Basecamp to lend a hand.

We built Basecamp because we need what you need: a system to help you stay on top of it all. To keep people on the same page, to organize and disseminate information, to discuss and make decisions official.

We knew it had to be easy to follow, find, and refer back to anything later. And everyone needed to know what they needed to do without having to ask someone else.

We looked at everything, and nothing else did the job. So we had to invent something new. That something was Basecamp. And for 2016, we just released the best version of Basecamp yet — the all-new, completely redesigned and reimagined Basecamp 3.

Everything we do at our company runs through Basecamp 3. Every person, every group, every department runs their work on Basecamp.

We’re 100% committed to making Basecamp better every day. We’ve been in business for 16 years, we’re debt-free, and we’ve been profitable since year one. We’re here for the long haul.

We’d love for you to give Basecamp 3 a try. It’s entirely free to try with no time limit. If you have any questions, or there’s anything we can do to make you successful, please get in touch. Thank you!

Jason Fried, Basecamp CEO

P.S. If you tried Basecamp way back when, we invite you to try it again. Basecamp 3 is unlike any Basecamp before. We’d love to welcome you back home.