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With FreshBooks, it’s easy to create detailed invoices from
your billable hours. Simply review, send, and get paid faster.

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Turn Hours Into Invoices

Gone are the days of shortchanging yourself. FreshBooks automatically pulls unbilled project hours into an invoice in a single click.

Log Hours from Anywhere

Be ready when inspiration strikes. Record billable time from anywhere with the FreshBooks companion app for iOS and Android.

Visualize Your Progress

At a glance, FreshBooks will show you an accurate snapshot of time spent on projects. See how you’re doing compared to your estimated time budget.

Team Time Tracking

Multiple team members can log time spent on projects into an easy to read calendar. Monitor team progress at a glance with handy team timesheet reports.

“Time tracking is one of the coolest tools that FreshBooks offer. I love being able to track time from my mobile device or my computer.”

Nate Kraft
IT Consultant

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track time in FreshBooks?

Just log into your account on your computer, phone or tablet, click the “Start Timer” button–and go!

Does FreshBooks allow for team collaboration?

FreshBooks’ online Team Timesheets let every member of your project to simultaneously track their time onto a single easy-to-read calendar that you can access whenever you need.

Can my employees track their time with FreshBooks?

Most definitely. Each team member can track their time for specific projects with neat ‘n’ tidy Timesheets that you can view at the drop of a hat to keep a close eye on project progress.

Does FreshBooks offer time tracking for projects?

Not only can you track hours for your projects, you can also decide the rate you want to bill your clients at (hourly, flat, etc.) and convert your logged time into an invoice in just a few clicks.

Does FreshBooks offer a mobile time tracker?

Yes indeed. Your FreshBooks mobile app comes complete with a built-in timer to help you track time hands-free.

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