Turn Gmail into a help desk

Deliver better customer support from your current mailbox
No external help desk needed!

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Keeping™ is a ticketing system that integrates with Gmail

It lets your team collaborate and save time while helping you deliver better customer support.
No need to use a traditional help desk. Instead add customer support functionalities directly to your mailbox.

Keeping™ has helped us improve response time. Everything works within the Gmail interface and their support team has been fantastic.

Michael Arndt
Michael Arndt
Advantage Pro Services, Inc.

Keeping™ addresses the frustrations we had with Google groups and allows us to manage customer email simply and effectively. The support is great too!

Lisa Benham
Lisa Benham

Keeping™ is simple and integrates perfectly with Gmail. We use it to organize our customer and photographer support across five offices in four time zones.

Jan Ole Kjellesvig
Jan Ole Kjellesvig
YAY Images

We were looking for a system that my team could work from in one pane and Keeping™ was the only one that offered seamless functionality within Google Apps.

Ande Hornig
Ande Hornig

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Let everyone in your team help customers

Add collaboration to email


For excellent customer service, your entire team should be involved. Keeping™ lets everyone in your team receive, respond to and assign support emails directly from within their own mailbox.

All support emails get organised in a new section of your mailbox and are separated from your regular emails.

Spend less time answering support emails

Automatically answer repetitive questions

There’s no bigger drain on productivity than being forced to type the same replies over and over again. When a new support email comes in, Keeping™ automatically suggests possible responses based on previous answers.

If no match is found, a new response can be saved and the next time a similar question is received, Keeping™ will suggest it.

Improve customer support

Track how well your team assists customers

Keeping™ lets you measure important metrics so that you can improve how well you assist customers over time.

See how many support inquiries you’ve received and how quickly you’ve responded. Drill down by date and monitor your team’s performance.

A better alternative to traditional help desks

All the features designed to simplify the way you manage email support



6 Reasons why you should use Keeping™

A better alternative to traditional help desks and regular email

  • You do not need a traditional help desk

You should not be forced to migrate to an external help desk to manage your support inquiries. Keeping™ adds help desk functionalities to your mailbox.

  • It will save you time

Keeping™ is designed to automatically answer up to 80% of the questions you receive. You’ll spend less time on repetitive customer support activities.

  • It’s reliable and secure, thanks to Google

You know you can rely on Google for your business email. Because Keeping™ integrates with your current email account, you will benefit from the same level of security and reliability you are used to.


This is how Keeping™ is used by our customers: 

  • As a simple help desk software
  • As a customer service software
  • As a shared mailbox

  • It’s simpler to use

Keeping™ integrates with the same Gmail interface you love to use. There is no tough learning curve and no need to spend time training your team.

  • It’s invisible to your customers

Unlike traditional help desks, we stay invisible to your customers. All they see is a friendly email with no help desk jargon like ‘case ids’, ‘reply above this line’ etc.

  • It’s more cost effective than traditional help desks

Keeping™ costs a fraction of what traditional help desks charge. It is better priced for companies of all sizes. Save when you switch!

  • As a ticketing system that works inside Gmail
  • As a customer support email management software
  • As a service desk software for Gmail/Google App