Partnering from Whiteboard to Data Center for Hyperscale Compute and Storage Solutions

Approaches to computing are evolving away from the traditional enterprise model and toward private and public cloud architectures. Hyperscale customers in this new environment have a distinct set of priorities that demand a different kind of hardware partner. Optimization for your specific workloads, innovative use of industry-standard components, and short design cycles are critical. Equally important is continuity of supply, so you can satisfy customer expectations for seemingly limitless cloud resources.

ZT Systems is passionate—to the point of obsession—about delighting our customers by solving their complex challenges. Always taking a collaborative approach, we strive to add value as defined by you throughout each project, from concepting on the whiteboard through deploying and supporting finished solutions. We work with you to understand unique workloads, business needs, and challenges, and are fully committed to considering the broadest range of technologies to meet your requirements. Combining flexible partnership with hyperscale-focused experience and specialized capabilities, ZT Systems delivers the most efficient purpose-built compute and storage solutions available.