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Your espresso Display is now a drawing screen as well as a stunning monitor. Draw, sketch, and ideate with a paperlike experience.

What's in the box?

2x espresso Creator

2x Guide Stickers

2x Cleaning Kit

Tough Just Got Tougher
Edge-to-edge 3H protection form the toughest wear & tear.

Japanese Craft
Referencing 135gsm smooth paper stock for optimal Kent paper-esque drawing experience.

Built-in Anti-Glare Technology, so you're free to draw and sketch anywhere you like.

Key Features

  • Includes Two espressoCreators
  • For Tactile Drawing & Writing on the espressoDisplay
  • Includes Screen Wipes & Guide Sheet
  • Resists Glare and Smudges


What does the espressoCreator do?
It makes the experience of drawing, annotating and sketching on the espressoDisplay feel like paper.
How many are in each pack?
There are two (2) espressoCreators in each pack.
Does the espressoCreator work with the espressoPen?
Yes, the creator works with the espressoPen. All of the features you will come to love with the espressoDisplay work with the creator.
Does the espressoCreator reduce screen quality?
No, the espressoCreator doesn’t reduce screen quality. The espressoCreator enhances the experience of using the Display by offering a paper-esque texture and matte finish, reducing screen glare.
How often should I change my espressoCreator screen protector?
The espressoCreator is designed for use over many years. You are not required to change the espressoCreator.
Does the espressoCreator scratch easily?
The espressoCreator offers a layer of protection to the device and adds additional resistance to light scratches.



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