Klaxoon - The Workshop Platform

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  • Klaxoon - The Workshop Platform
  • Klaxoon - The Workshop Platform
  • Klaxoon - The Workshop Platform
  • Klaxoon - The Workshop Platform
  • Klaxoon - The Workshop Platform
  • Klaxoon - The Workshop Platform
  • Klaxoon - The Workshop Platform
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A full suite of collaborative tools to facilitate teamwork

Whiteboard, integrated video conferencing, surveys, quizzes, automatic reports, interactive and sequenced presentations with consolidated feedback, etc. With Klaxoon, you can easily run effective workshops to move your projects forward, no matter where you are.

Used daily by millions of people worldwide, the Workshop Platform is a hybrid and complete workspace that enables every type of workshop to be more efficient: ideation workshops, design thinking, project management, customer meetings, team rituals, training sessions, business reviews, etc.

Used by all kinds of teams, in all types of companies and organizations, every day, workshops are replacing traditional meetings and are becoming the most effective way to move forward in your projects to drive performance.

With the latest generation of the Workshop Platform, Engage Edition, our collaborative tool makes it even easier to work together and develop sustaining engagement of everyone during workshops with your team, your customers and your ecosystem. Wherever you are.

In order for teams to reach the highest level of engagement, all key aspects of the Workshop Platform have been reinforced: usage simplicity, smooth experience, reduced time lost, increased impact, team bonding from anywhere at any time.

Every one is empowered & included in the discussion, decisions are made  easily, communication & collaboration are simpler, common objectives are achieved, mutual aid is obvious and cohesion is strengthened. An efficient collaborative work at any time, wherever you are thanks to a variety of activities.

  • Board

Facilitate a visual workshop to move from ideas to action with Board!

Board is an easy-to-use collaborative tool that allows you to work visually in a single place thanks to its built-in videoconferencing tool, Live (also available on mobile!), and a library of ready-to-use templates available at the click of a mouse.

  •  Session

Run a participative workshop with a predefined time limit on Session!

Embed existing slide decks or create new ones directly in the studio. Boost interactivity by asking various Live Questions (Vote, Challenge, and Word Cloud). Everyone has access to the same content, which enables them to discover and react to the group's opinion in real time. And once the session is over, you can generate an instant meeting report.

  • Memo

Summarize your ideas and brief your teams with Memo!

Do you need to summarize something for your team without getting them all together? Now you can thanks to Memo: diverse content (text, image or video) and questions (quiz, poll) that your colleagues can explore autonomously.

  •  Question

Ask questions during and after your workshop to increase efficiency!

Quickly get your team's attention and engage participants with Question: open-ended question, challenge, polling... there are multiple ways to gauge your team’s opinion with this simple and visual collaborative tool!

  • Survey

Quickly collect lots of feedback from your team with a Survey!

Comments, 5-star ratings, multiple-choice questions, etc. You can use six types of questions to create a poll and illustrate each question with a picture, a video or text. Each poll can contain up to 20 questions.



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