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Save calls for later use with Star2Star's call recording options.

Business Phone & Call Recording

Call recording is an important tool for many businesses.

Recorded calls can be used to meet regulatory requirements, verify accuracy, maintain quality customer service, and to provide guidance and training for employees. Star2Star provides multiple call recording methods, covering a variety of usage scenarios.

System-Wide Call Recording

Star2Star provides the option of system-wide outbound and inbound call recording. Call recording is an optional add-on service, available for systems using all StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN models.

With system-wide recording, system administrators can select which extensions have the capability to record calls on a per-extension basis. Call recording can be enabled for both on-premise and remote users. Recorded calls can be stored locally or in the cloud using the optional Archive service. 

Locally stored calls are kept until the local storage space is full. At that point, calls will begin to be overwritten, with the oldest calls being overwritten first. Calls saved with the archiving service are saved indefinitely.

On-Phone Recording

Certain model Star2Star telephones allow users to record calls onto a USB flash drive attached to the telephone. Current models with recording capability include these models:

  • Polycom® SoundPoint IP 650 And IP 670
  • Polycom® VVX® 500 and VVX® 600
  • Cisco SPA525G2
  • Star2Star SoftPhone for Windows and Mac computers
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