Star2Star - Pooling & Bursting Lines

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Unify Locations, Improve Customer Satisfaction, And Slash Costs, All At The Same Time

Pooling and Bursting Lines from Star2Star are exactly what your business needs to give you a leg up on the competition.

Pooling Lines

Star2Star phone “lines” are actually virtual connections created over a broadband Internet connection. All of the lines that your company purchases are in a single “pool” of lines that can be used at any location interchangeably. This allows you to share lines across all locations, and therefore cut the total number of lines you need. For example, if a 10-location retail chain needs at least two lines at every location but no more than 5 lines are ever in use company-wide at the same time, that chain could purchase a single bundle of 5 pooled lines instead of 20 location-dependent lines. The cost-saving implications can be incredible. Some large chains have saved millions in communications costs as a result of line pooling.

Bursting Lines

If all of your company’s lines are currently in use, but you get another call, Star2Star will automatically add an additional line on the fly. These dynamically bursting lines will prevent customers from receiving busy signals, improving customer satisfaction and speeding up business processes.  Star2Star charges minimal rates for bursting lines, and these charges won’t accrue to you if you decide to purchase additional lines.  Bursting lines are an excellent solution for businesses whose call volume is generally very steady but with major spikes in activity, for example a costume shop in October.

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