Stickley on Security (SOS) - SOS EXECUTIVE

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Business executives and their board members face a never ending challenge of keeping up with the latest security threats. The SoS Executive consulting service provides the consulting and education needed to understand these security threats as well as the solutions need to address the threats.

Results from risk assessments, penetration tests, IT audits and other security assessment reports can often leave the executives with more questions than answers. SoS Executive is the first and only information security advisor designed specifically for board members and executives to help review and follow up on any IT security related audits and assessments. By receiving this important non-biased review, your executive team can feel confident in making decisions on how to move forward with the information they have received.

Sos Executive also keeps your board members and executive staff current with the latest security threats that impact their organization and can offer valuable insight into purchasing third party security solutions including help with price negotiation. With SoS executive, your management team will always have the information they need to make sound decisions to keep your organization secure.


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