Veracity - Coax Cable Internet

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The same network of cables that provides your home with cable television can give you cable internet access. Coaxial cable high-speed internet gives you a connection you can use on your computer or broadcast through Wi-Fi to any personal device.

What Are the Benefits of Coax Internet?

Coax internet is accessible in most parts of the country. If your home or apartment is wired for cable access, you have access to cable internet. This is very different than fiber internet connections, which are only available in major metropolitan areas.

Cable internet is cheap. Because your internet service comes through a coax cable, you can often get a package deal for both TV, phone, and internet services. These packages will reduce the overall cost, helping you save money.

For most people, coax internet is fast enough for everything they need to do online. While there are faster internet connections available, they are more expensive, and in many cases not necessary.

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