Yamaha-Executive Elite 2 Channel system, w/o mics, 3 year revoCARE Elite

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Executive Elite™ 2-Channel is a wireless microphone system perfect for use in auditoriums and lecture halls where only one or two microphones are needed at a time. Using any combination of our stylish Elite microphones, presenters can be confident knowing they are easily heard and understood by audiences from small to large. Our popular wearable lapel microphone allows lecturers to move freely about the room without the hassle of wires so they can interact naturally with their audiences. For those people who will speak from a lectern or behind a stage table, our gooseneck microphones come in unobtrusive 6- and 12-inch sizes. A variety of tabletop microphones and adapters are also available to guarantee the room is perfectly equipped to suit the needs of every presenter. Executive Elite 2-Channel comes with a four microphone charging base so it's easy to offer a selection of different microphone styles in every room while also keeping fully-charged microphones always available in reserve.Part of our flagship line of Executive Elite products, this third generation system is our most technically advanced for delivering natural and intelligible sound in a room. Yamaha Unified Communications innovative audio processing ensures audiences hear and understand presenters with ease because of our ability to capture and replay the rich intonation of the human voice with such incredible clarity. And that clear, natural sound can extend well beyond the walls of the auditorium or lecture hall just like today's learning programs. High quality lecture recordings are easy to create just by sending the audio from the microphones to a recording solution. Or make online learning programs more effective by combining Executive Elite 2-Channel with an installed video system so remote audiences hear the presentation as clearly as people listening live in the room.A/V administrators at institutions of higher education typically look after numerous lecture halls spread across the campus. They appreciate the convenience of being able to remotely control and monitor Executive Elite systems from anywhere on campus using the remote management interface. Information on microphone status, audio and radio signal strength, and system performance is available without having to enter a lecture hall. The system integrates easily with room control systems for seamless operation, as well as other room solutions that might be used such as amplifiers and loop-back suppressors. No need for external mixing equipment, however, because Executive Elite 2-Channel can be set to mix the audio on both microphones right in the system. This mixing capability is offered in addition to the standard audio input processing available in Executive Elite, including individual high and low pass filters, equalization, gain, preamp, and trim controls. The distributed architecture offers flexible installation options with the ability to mount the antenna in a convenient location in the room near presenters while safely and securely installing the base unit in a credenza or wiring closet in the same room or a centralized location. Revolabs wireless microphone systems communicate within the 1.9 GHz band, making the equipment immune to annoying interference from TV, radio, and RF traffic because the 1.9 GHz band is reserved solely for digital audio communication and is regulated to ensure that different vendor devices do not interfere with each other. For a final touch of administrator confidence, our 256-bit AES encryption uniquely rekeys every few minutes to guarantee our wireless systems communicate using a highly secure signal.

Product Features:

  • Minimum Operating Frequency: 1.92 GHz
  • Maximum Operating Frequency: 1.93 GHz
  • Minimum Frequency Response: 20 Hz
  • 3 year revoCARE Elite
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