Yamaha-Fusion, 4 Channel Telephone Hybrid and Wireless Microphone System w/o mics

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  • Yamaha-Fusion, 4 Channel Telephone Hybrid and Wireless Microphone System w/o mics
  • Yamaha-Fusion, 4 Channel Telephone Hybrid and Wireless Microphone System w/o mics
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Revolabs Fusion™ is the complete wireless audio solution for mid- to- large -size conference rooms where installed audio equipment is not available. Revolabs Fusion combines the wireless receiver for the microphones with a digital signal processor, audio mixer, and Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction technology.

Revolabs Fusion provides all the connectors required for connectivity between speakers or amplifiers in the room. Revolabs Fusion can also be directly connected to most major video conferencing solutions in the field, such as Lifesize, Polycom, Sony and Tandberg, making it the ideal wireless unified communication solution for conference rooms.

The Revolabs Fusion comes in a four or an eight microphone version, making it versatile to cover the audio needs of mid- to- large-size conference rooms. As with all Revolabs products, the microphones used with Fusion can be mixed and matched based on the needs of the conference room it is used in. Offered separately, the microphones are sleek in design and come in several different styles: wearable, tabletop directional, tabletop omni-directional, and XLR adapter for handheld and broadcast-quality microphones.

To enable telephone conferences, Revolabs Fusion includes a telephone line-in connector that plugs in directly to a telephone network as a conference phone. It also provides a telephone set connection, allowing users to plug a desktop phone in for non-speaker calls. The Revolabs Fusion wireless dialer enables users to set up calls from anywhere in the conference room.

All wireless communication between the microphones and the Revolabs Fusion is digitally encrypted using 128-bit encryption technology, securing the communication and preventing unwanted listeners from listening in.

Rechargeable batteries in the microphones, which provide up to eight hours of talk time with a two-hour recharge time. With this wireless solution, Enterprise users can finally move around their conference room, and still be heard!

  • Minimum Operating Frequency: 1.92 GHz
  • Maximum Operating Frequency: 1.93 GHz
  • Minimum Frequency Response: 100 Hz
  • Maximum Frequency Response: 6.80 kHz
  • Operating Range: 100 ft
  • XLR: Yes
  • RCA: Yes
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